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I'm so excited to finally share with you all my review with smile brilliant. Who doesn't love a nice white smile but anyone who knows me knows how much I love red wine and coffee. The darker the stronger the better! But with this love of red wine and coffee comes with a lot of maintaining, and we all know maintaining a  white smile can be difficult so you had to imagine my excitement when smile brilliant reached out to me to try their at home, professional custom teeth whitening system. Taking care of my pearly whites has always been a priority so of course, I said YES! I've used many different whitening system white strips, laser whitening, and whitening toothpaste from drugstores and was never really happy with the results. Compared to other options out there, this whitening system is such a great deal.  

       I completed each step at home. Their at home teeth whitening system is amazing  First, I received a box with my kit and instructions on how to create impressions of my teeth. which were custom whitening trays. The package also came with whitening get and desensitizing gel.
After sending the impressions back I received my whitening tray in a couple of days and started the process.
Every week I have a night which I call "me time" I will whiten my teeth, do facials, watch movies, and organize my room.  How amazing does that sound? The best
time to whiten your teeth is before bed! It is best to whiten before bed because this eliminates the opportunity for faster staining and allows your teeth to naturally rehydrate and remineralize while you sleep.

I saw the difference in my teeth within the first try. I recently even started using the kit twice a week that's how much I been loving my results.


My teeth are pretty sensitive so I did use the desensitizing gel that you can use after whitening to protect your teeth. When you whiten your teeth you are bleaching it so you want to make sure you are using the right products.
I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post!
If you have any questions about my experience with smile brilliant please reach out to me!
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